Coaching, Nurturing

Sometimes leading a team is about keeping out of the way and letting people evolve – in terms of their own solutions, their own style and their own pace.

It’s exciting to watch this working!

It’s also exciting when it doesn’t!

… but then that is what a team is for, they regroup, refocus and try again. And then I can try to help, with the right question, in the right way at the right time.

All in a days work.

Decisions decisions…

Life is a series of decisions.

There are the simple ones – shall I wake up early, jump of bed and go for a run – or not?

The routine ones – like fruit for pudding, or cake?

And then importantly – how will I spend my time this year, soon, today? Now!?

So make that call to a friend, write in that journal, look out of the window, admire nature, chat to people you meet during the day.

Make the decision to engage with things around you.

There we are, decided!