ZenDog Musings

50 is the new 20!?

Reflecting with a former colleague this evening, about how we both enjoy being 50, living with the accumulated “wisdom” that we did not have in our 20s Still lots of lessons still to learn Onwards

International / Personal Relations

It’s exciting to see the G7 leaders gather in person to meet. Whilst much is achieved between organisations, between countries etc it is very much a world in which trust and alignment is easier to build in person. And goodness does the world need mutual respect, trust and alignment now

Coaching, Nurturing

Sometimes leading a team is about keeping out of the way and letting people evolve – in terms of their own solutions, their own style and their own pace. It’s exciting to watch this working! It’s also exciting when it doesn’t! … but then that is what a team is for, they regroup, refocus and try again. And then I can try to help, with the right question, in the right way at the right time. All in a days work.

Decisions decisions…

Life is a series of decisions. There are the simple ones – shall I wake up early, jump of bed and go for a run – or not? The routine ones – like fruit for pudding, or cake? And then importantly – how will I spend my time this year, soon, today? Now!? So make that call to a friend, write in that journal, look out of the window, admire nature, chat to people you meet during the day. Make the decision to engage with things around you. There we are, decided!


This mental health article entitled “languishing” from the New York Times is superb! From one languisher to another, do lets languish contentedly.

What a system

Computers are just amazing when they work!


This is so easy to load and so hard to make correct. A little like life… we live it every day… sometimes well, sometimes less well. Well then!

Good morning

Testing, testing, testing. Learning, learning, learning. Slowly.


Coffee or tea, what is to be?

Rain today, its nice

Rain tickling the window panes on a chilly morning is really rather pleasant. It gives time to reflect, time to recharge, time to relax.


I have been fortunate to experience much of this amazing world of ours. I am intrigued by the differences and similarities and what makes us tick. It is also very apparent that digital skills are essential and I was keen learn how blogs and websites work. Thanks for reading.